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June 13-17

Week at a Glance
Monday, Day 1

-          Softball practice after school

 Tuesday, Day 2

-          Grade 2/3  trip to Royal Sask Museum

-          Grade 4 trip to Claybank Brick Plant

-          Grade 6 A&B trip to Science Center and IMAX

 Wednesday, Day 3

-          Softball game Vs Hanna

Thursday, Day 4

-          Library books are due as summer inventory will begin Friday.

Friday June 17th

no school for students

Newsletter Correction

Please note the June 23 Assembly will be at 11:00AM

May 30- June 2 :Wow June Already!!!


Gr 6 Band on Tour.  They will be performing at  9:15 in the main gym for K to grade 6.  There will be no band sectionals due to the tour.

       Mrs. Smith’s class will be canoeing at Wascana Lake in the afternoon

Softball practice afterschool 


Grade 8 Band Concert at Knoll


          Mrs. Fiorante’s class is canoeing in the morning

Grade 6&7 Band Concert in at Knoll

Softball game at Janzen Vs Gladys MacDonald School


Mrs Fiorante and Smith’s classes are canoeing in the morning

Miss Ginetz’ class is visiting Government House and RCMP Museum


 Play Day for K – 5 

Kindergarten “Test Drive” in the morning

Week at a Glance for April 25-29th


Monday Day 4

Badminton singles match @ Janzen Vs Lee

Riders visiting grade 7 AM

Kindergarten visiting Fire Station


Tuesday Day 5

Jr. Choir at noon

Badminton singles practice after school


Wednesday Day 1

Band sectionals day

Badminton Doubles match at Janzen Vs Grant Road

Grade 6 attending play at Lee AM

Grace 2/3 attending play at Lee PM

Thursday Day 2

Assembly AM

Communication Preschool visit to Fire Hall

Jazz tour to Swift Current

Badminton Doubles practice

Shelter in place drill


Friday Day 3

Grade 8 @ Knoll Job Shadowing

Jazz Band Tour to Swift Current (no Full Band) 

 JLT “Flashback Day”

What is the Communication Pre School?

What is the Communication Pre School?

Week at a Glance for April 18-22

 Monday Day 5

Badminton Singles match at Milliken School

 Tuesday Day 1

Jr. Choir at noon

Band Day

Kindergarten Open House 6:30 – 7:30

Singles badminton practice after school

 Wednesday Day 2

Constable Seiber Safety Walk with kindergarten classes

Doubles badminton match at Janzen Vs Regina Christian School

Grade 8 Band tour to Saskatoon

 Thursday Day 3

Sub lunch day

Doubles badminton practice after school

Sport Stacking Tournament at Sheldon

Sr. Girls Basketball windup at noon

Gr 7 (Fiorante) Canoeing lesson at Lawson AM

Grade 8 Band tour to Saskatoon

Staff Vs Students basketball game PM




Week at a Glance for April 12-16

Week at a Glance:


Reminder: Sub orders can now be made online till April 15th at for the April 21st sub lunch


Monday – Day 5

Badminton singles match at Janzen Vs Centenial


Tuesday – Day 1


Grade 4 and 5 Link Up Musical Performance with the Regina Symphony Orchestra


Jr. Choir at noon


JLT at noon


Band Day


Singles badminton practice after school

Wednesday – Day 2


Doubles badminton match at Braun


Smith’s Grade 7 class canoeing lesson at the Lawson PM

 Thursday – Day 3


Doubles badminton practice after school


Engineers Without Borders presenting to grade 7 classrooms AM


Band day 

 Friday – Day 4


Mitch Dorge presentation to grade 6-8


Owl presentation to grade 5 classroom AM


Last day to order sub lunch


Interested in our FREE preschool at Henry Janzen? - The Communication Preschool is now accepting applications!







I am not sure where March went….. but here comes April!!!!!

Monday Day 5


Election Day: We will be a polling station and the gyms will be closed for the day


Coding Club at noon

- Learn a Thon info goes home

Tuesday Day 1


Jr. Choir and JLT at noon


Band Day



Singles Badminton Practice after school

Wednesday Day 2


Jr. Boys Basketball Tournament at Jack Mackenzie


Grade 8 Health Fair at Knoll PM



Doubles Badminton game at Hawrylak

Thursday Day 3


John Howard Presentation to Grade 6 PM


Jr. Girls Basketball Tournament at Janzen


Band Day



Sport Stacking at noon

Friday Day 4

- Gr. 8 Farewell photos


March 21-25


- Badminton after school for singles

-Coding club noon

- Gr. 8 Farewell meeting 6:00pm in the library



- inter school Battle of the Books Tourney after school

- badminton practice for doubles at lunch

- Gr. 7 Select Band Clinic

- Jr. Choir at noon



-Wilderness Survival Presentation  AM Smith

- Gr. 8B Orienteering PM


- Assembly 1:00pm

-JLT 80"s Day

-JLT Leadership Team at Sheldon

- Sub Lunch Day


-Good Friday (no school)

-Easter Holidays- Classes resume April 4th


Have a relaxing, and enjoyable holiday.

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