Week at a Glance - November 14 - 18

Last week our school took time to remember those who sacrificed and served for Canada at the Remembrance Day program.  Thank you to the students who performed during the program.  Thank you also to the community members who attended. 
This week we wish our boys and girls volleyball teams’ good luck as they participate in quarter and semifinals.   Go Jaguars! 
During conferences we are looking forward to spending time with each family discussing progress and making plans for the rest of the school year. On conference day please take advantage of the book fair and clothing orders. 
Week at a Glance:
Monday, Day 3
-          Book Fair begins and runs till Friday
-          Coding Club at noon
-          Girls Volleyball Quarter Finals: Harvest City at Janzen
-          Jr. Intramurals: Panthers V Cougars
-          Full Band
Tuesday, Day 4
-          Boys Volleyball Quarter Finals: Henry Braun at Janzen
-          CREATE Artist visiting Gr 5
-          CREATE Artist visiting Gr 6A 10:45
-          JLT at noon
-          Sr. Intramurals: Tigers VS Panthers
Wednesday, Day 5
-          Communication Preschool to Royal Sask. Museum
-          Grade 6 Curling PM
-          Jr. Intramurals: Tigers VS Panthers
-          Pizza Hut Lunch Day
-          Grade 1B Animals in Winter Presentation
-          Grade 8 Skating PM
-          Grade 8 Skating PM
-          Art Club – Grade 1
-          SCC Meeting 6:30 - Everyone is Welcome - Babysitting is provided.
Thursday, Day 1
-          Band Sectionals
-         Sr. Intramurals: Lions V Cougars
-          Volleyball Semi/City Finals (TBA)
-           Art Club - Grade 2
-          Kindergarten Conferences (No Classes for Kindergarten)
Friday, Day 2
-          3 Way Conferences
-          SCC Clothing Sale
Have a great week!