Book Recommendation Contest

Recommend a favourite book for a chance to win one of 3 - $20 gift cards to the upcoming book fair!

Book Fair takes place November 15th - 17th.

Who:  All students of Henry Janzen School in Kindergarten – Grade 8.

What:  Submit a book recommendation, based on the guidelines for your grade which are listed below. 

            Kindergarten Students – Submit title, author and a picture of your favourite part of the book.

            Grade 1 & 2 Students – Submit title, author and why you liked this book in at least 1-2 sentences.

            Grades 3 - 5 Students – Submit title, author, who you would recommend this book to and a short paragraph about why you are recommending this book.

            Grades 6 – 8 Students – Submit title, author, genre, who you would recommend the book to, a brief summary of the book (no spoilers though), and a paragraph about why you are recommending this book.

How:  Paper copies or email submissions are welcome!  Make sure to include your own name so that we can enter you for the draw.  You can enter up to 3 times.

When: Submit your recommendation on or before Friday, Nov. 10th to the main office or email to  Draw from entries will be made at the end of the day on November 10th.

Why:  To help your fellow students find great books!  Your recommendations will be put up in the library and some will be posted on the Henry Janzen School Website.