Please check out Edsby for all school communications!

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Newsletters, WAGS, School Calendar, Course Work, Attendance, Progress Reporting will all be on Edsby. Please call the main office if you need help accessing Edsby!

Over the summer, Regina Public Schools has been adding the finishing touches to a new, comprehensive online student information portal called Edsby. Previously, students, parents and staff used PowerSchool. Access to PowerSchool was terminated at the end of this past school year, and that portal is no longer available.

Edsby is a comprehensive education application that will include more user-friendly features than were previously found in PowerSchool. Specifically, Edsby will allow students, parents and guardians easy, secure access to attendance records, assignments, schedules, course materials, grades, classes, school news and calendars.

Edsby is part of a new network that is being implemented by our school division. Currently, the school division is working with the Ministry of Education to complete system configuration, ensure the privacy and security of data, and complete staff training.

The estimated launch date for student and parent/guardian access to Edsby corresponds with the first day of school, which is September 1, 2021.

When more details become available, they will be available at