Dear Parents/Guardians,

Due to a shift in enrollments throughout Regina Public Schools, staffing allocations in some Regina Public Schools have been adjusted.  As a result of the adjustments, Henry Janzen School will reduce its teaching staff by one teacher.  This reduction in staffing will mean that we will have to create new classroom configurations and will need to move some students from their current classroom situation to a new teacher's class.  Please note that this change will only affect grades 1 through 4 at this time.

As adults, our reaction to change will influence how our children feel about change.  We appreciate your patience and support of children as they make the move from one classroom to another.  Our staff will treat this change for your child with kindness and respect.  As the moves are made to the new classrooms, your child will be involved in welcoming activities to help each child make the transition.

We are sorry to have to share this news with you.  Our goal is to notify parents of affected students by Tuesday of next week with students starting in their new classrooms on Wednesday, September 20th.  We thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition.



Pat Corbin

Principal, Henry Janzen School